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 Activities in the Bovec region

Not many regions offer so many different sports activities during the summer as the Bovec region. A tourist can enjoy in every dimension: in water, on the ground and in the air. Softness of green plateaus, sombre shadows of canyons and numerous waterfalls, playful dance of colours in deep gorges, stone laces of the karstic world, splendid views extending to the sea and to Triglav. A poetry of pleasures captures every tourist who decides to spend his or her vacation in the Bovec region. Every day another adventure, every day socialising with another friendly guide and the active vacations will be over in a moment. However, unforgettable memories of one of the prettiest alpine valleys – the Bovec region – will remain.



The most primal human contact with nature. For centuries, people have felt the urge to go to the mountains in order to see places beneath them, to enjoy in fresh air, to rest from the problems of everyday’s life in the valley and particularly to find their peace of mind in the beauty of the Julian Alps’ peaks. During millions of years, nature created an extremely diverse relief in the Bovec region, which is reflected in wonderful mountains, alpine basins and valleys, mountain meadows and slopes enrapturing with their nativeness and wilderness.
The highest peaks of the Julian Alps including Triglav and a group of its neighbours Razor, Prisank, Jalovec and Mangrt are a true challenge for hikers who want to enjoy in mountain experience.

Mountains of Bovec – Mangrt and Jalovec


Thanks to their diversity, Soča and Koritnica rivers are suitable both for beginners and for experienced kayak riders. Difficulty of the rivers is estimated to be Class II in the vicinity of Bovec where descents for beginners take place, and increases to Class V in the vicinity of Trnovo where there is a paradise for the experienced kayak riders. People who are not used to rivers will also be able to learn in few hours how to handle kayak with the help of experienced operators.
 Kayak rider on Soča River

Trekking – walking trails

The Bovec region – a land of thousand opportunities for walking through the unspoiled nature of the Julian Alps. Many trails in the vicinity of Bovec, Srpenica, Log pod Mangrtom, Soča and Trenta are marked, secured and provide immense pleasure while observing streams, waterfalls, peace of the alpine forest and numerous flowers and animals living in this, according to many people the prettiest part of the Julian Alps. Loška Koritnica Bavšica Lepena Vrsnik Zadnjica Zadnja Trenta / Zapoden ...


Numerous cycling tracks, which by the rule lead through the prettiest corners of the Bovec region, offer pleasure both for recreational cyclists and for mountain bikers. Recreational cyclists will be thrilled by the easy, playfully designed track with small differences in altitude, the more experienced ones will be fascinated by the diversity of the track leading through cool forests in the vicinity of rivers and streams. Noone will soon forget cycling at the base of Bovec peaks.





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